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A Letter From The Human Spider

January 2, 2013

To whom it may concern:

Happy New Year. It was an interesting year (at least for me), to say the least. How about you rap dude; did you enjoy 2012? No? Remember when you said 2012 was gonna be your year? No? Well it was a year ago. Try again in 2014.

No, I didn’t skip a year. I gave you 2012 for a reason: 13 is my favorite number. This year, I will be looking to do as much damage musically as I can. Didn’t get to do everything you wanted to do last year? Tough break, duke. Go back to the lab. Stay there until the calendar date reads January 1, 2014. By then, the dust should settle. It’ll be safe then. Maybe even a little early. Hopefully, we can learn to co-exist.

If not, then I ask (kindly, I might add) that you get the fuck out of my way.


The Human Spider

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