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Goodbye Sandy…

October 31, 2012

I was in a storm.

I know it sounds redundant, but the storm in question, Hurricane Sandy, was a really bad storm. How bad? More than 6 million people in the Northeast are without power, and at least 39 people have been killed during Sandy’s warpath.

As much as I joke around about being “in a storm”, the truth is, I was as worried as anybody else. I’m also one of the blessed ones; me and my mom managed to stay out of Atlantic City during Sandy’s temper tantrum. Others were not as lucky; a text from one of my co-workers that stayed in Atlantic City stated that heat and electricity is nonexistent.

Meanwhile, the Atlantic City area (including Brigantine, Ventnor, Margate and Longport) has been blocked off to those that are not working for the electric company. Roads were flooded. A part of the boardwalk fell apart [Note: the part of the Boardwalk that fell apart has been falling apart since 2009, Sandy just laid it to waste.].

Hopefully, everybody that dealt with Hurricane Sandy is doing well, and that power and water returns to those that lost it. Hopefully, we can get some semblance of normalcy that was apparent prior to Sandy’s wreckage.

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