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“The Good Fight” – Phonte

May 12, 2012

When you wake up in the morning, I want you to go the mirror and say, “Fuck you.  Fuck your hopes.  Fuck your dreams.  Fuck all the good you thought this life would bring you.  Now let’s go out here and make this bitch happy.

– Phonte

When word spread that Phonte had rekindled past differences with friend/beatmaker/Little Brother bandmate 9th Wonder, I was happy that the two squashed their differences and got back to being friends.  When talks of the two working together again came to light, I was a bit skeptical.  Then the second track of Phonte’s solo debut Charity Starts At Home became “The Good Fight”, which was the perfect second track.

“The Good Fight”, produced by 9th Wonder, tackles the state of issues going on with the economy, as well as trying to stay out of trouble.  Anyone who’s been through the motions of cutbacks/layoffs knows how infuriating it can be (“I always knew that one day/They’d find a way to throw me to the wolves, and once they/Came into my room on that Friday afternoon/I was thinking, ‘Why y’all faggot-ass niggas couldn’t fire me on Monday?'”) and that sometimes the future is bleak (“Everyone prays for the day they see the light/But the light at the end of the tunnel is a train”).  “The Good Fight” is the perfect ode to the regular person trying to get through each day just to live.  Because after all: how do you sell out, if you’re not even selling?

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