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Return of the Loner

April 23, 2012

I’m an only child.  At least on my mom’s side.

I have two sisters, but they fall on my dad’s side, and both if them are twice as old as me.  They’ve had their own houses for as long as I can remember, and I was rarely with my pops.

I spent the majority of my school years in Somerset, about 10 minutes away from New Brunswick, and I spent my summer vacations in Atlantic City.  Every summer was something different, whether it was hanging out with the crew in Back Maryland (until the majority of them moved) or being watched by various family members.  Not helping was my mom moving from place to place during the later years.  By high school, I was now officially living in Atlantic City.

Over that time, I learned that people come and go.  I’ve met so many people, and lost contact with a majority of those people.  Of course, I get called out for not keeping in contact, because I did not think to ask for a number, because I’m too busy to talk or because I simply don’t feel like talking.  Too bad they can’t call you.  Oh wait…

Of course, I’ve got people backing me up.  I’ve always had family (those that are aware that a phone works two ways) and I’ve got a select few people.  I have that special person.  I appreciate them, I really do.

Ask anyone of those people: I have a tendency to drop completely from the face of the Earth.  Of course, these may or may not be the same people whose phones may be broken.  I wouldn’t know.

I just know that I tend to want to be alone at times.  It’s not a slight to anyone, it’s just what I know.  When you’ve been in one routine/situation for so long, that’s all you know.  Anything foreign, you’re still working out the kinks.

So when I pulled off my disappearing act, it worried one person to the point they sent a few texts.  I was trying to avoid Tweeting something (although I did check on Twitted) for the weekend, and just kinda wanted to dig into myself a little bit.  Even smartphones have to recharge their batteries.

Not that it doesn’t excuse avoiding the texts; I could’ve said something along the lines of “I’m cool, just need some down time”, but sometimes you gotta go cold turkey.  I wound up talking to people I hadn’t talked to (that realize a phone does work two ways).

Of course, I’m going to get the “You’re not alone, and I always got you” response.  I know this for a fact.  Even during my hiatus, she was present, despite not being near me or having a conversation.

I’m so used to being alone, that something like that is considered normal for me.  Plus, I don’t like being ill prepared for the worst.  So yeah, I’m trying to get used to everything, but old habits die hard.

But I’m cool though…

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