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Give Me a Break…

April 6, 2012

So I finally booked a flight to Texas, set for June, and I gotta tell you…June cannot come fast enough.  Of course there are our hang-ups, via my overprotective mom (who is ready to come to Texas guns blazing if she needs to) and hang-ups coming from the other side.  Most recently, she asked what makes her special enough to warrant a cross country to see her.

Of course, I got a little peeved by the question.  Thing is, I don’t seem impetuous to her, but once I make a decision, there is no swaying me.  Plus, if I gotta tell this woman one more time…

I thought about for a minute, then I realized: I need a break.  I need a break from work, I need a break from Jersey, and (most importantly) I need a break from my family.

I’ve had a break from the last two.  I’ve taken a vacation from work before when I worked at Nike, and the family (my dad’s side with my sisters) went to North Carolina.  I’ve been outside of Jersey before.  I’ve been to Orlando (Florida), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Deer Park and New York (New York), Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.  On that list, the only city I’ve been to where I didn’t have family with me, had to visit family, or leave to catch another mode of public transportation (i.e. bus or train) was Philadelphia.  Philadelphia is also a few hours away from Atlantic City, which is like taking a trip to New Brunswick or Trenton for me.

Which helps factor to why my mind has been made up about this.  It’ll be two firsts: the first time I will be taking a trip West of the Mississippi River, and the first time I’ll be making a trip more than 70 miles (give or take) without family with me.  I’ll admit, being a thousand miles away from home without the support of family?  It scares the living Hell out of me.

Despite all of that, I couldn’t feel more sure about a decision.  This also may be the stubbornness (and my being impetuous) talking.  I couldn’t even imagine how she’s feeling on her end, until her next post that is.

Because as much as I love my family, I’ve done so much with them (living with them, going to church with them, etc.) that I feel it’s time for a break.  I want to be able to branch out, see the world, and be able to do my own thing.  Even if Texas isn’t exactly “THE WORLD”, but there are people that don’t know anywhere outside of their own city, so there’s that…

I also want to make some decisions of my own, no matter how stupid, bad or Hannibal Smith-level ridiculous.  Just so I can be able to say that I did something, that I went outside my comfort level, and that I (finally) went west of the Mississippi.  I’m scared, but I know I’ll be in good hands, despite not having AllState…

  1. There’s so much I could say about this story, but instead of writing a book, I will just say this:

    My husband was you. He came. He saw me. We fell in love. We got married. It was beautiful.

    • Thanks for commenting. I appreciate that. I also would’ve loved to read that book, since the comment sections is about as empty as a…I’ll let you finish that simile. In any case, I’m glad that I’m not alone, but it does beg the question: Did you and your husband meet on the ‘Net?

  2. Yes, we did ;0) We met online before it was cool… back in 1999 on AOL chat. (Those were the days, lol)

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