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Welcome to The Small Adventures of Mini-Spidey

April 4, 2012

Hello, and welcome to “The Small Adventures of Mini-Spidey”, now on Instagram and Tumblr.

With Instagram now available for Android users, I decided to load up the app on Spidroid to document the adventures of the stuffed Spider-Man* that sits in my room.

I’ll also take this time to…document…the small going-ons that happen in my life (as if you care), when I’m unable to do so on The Tangled Webs of The Human Spider, as well as random shit (such as this video of Billy Sims kicking people in the face).  I’m also going to TRY (and I cannot stress that word enough) to make updates as best as I can.  Due to castotrophes that are unseen until the present (read: LIFE), I refuse to make any promises.

But enjoy yourself here.  With the cute Mini-Spidey, and my strange sense of humor.  Please?

*Spider-Man is the intellectual property of Marvel Comics, and is being used without the permission of Marvel Comics.

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