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Thinking of a Master Plan…

February 17, 2012

Having an idea can be the greatest thing in the world.  It’s like getting to another level in a video game, or having another part of the world open up to you.  In short, having an idea is a great feeling.

The problem(s) usually lie in the execution stages.  Something comes up: you don’t have the necessary tools, something doesn’t fit, et cetera, et cetera.  In short, there’s no worse feeling than having an idea that doesn’t come to fruition.

Perfect example: I’ve always wanted to put my spin on “Players” by Slum Village, one of J Dilla’s most memorable beats.  When I say “put my spin”, I don’t mean using the same sample, recreating the same beat, and leaving people in awe as to how Dilla fully formed that beat.  I mean taking a different sample, similar to the original, while putting my own spin on it, and capturing that same feel.  Something that Dilla himself was all for.

The only problem was, I was using a demo version of a production software, and it wouldn’t allow me to save anything. Add to the fact that I didn’t have the right sample to lace for it, and everything simply became a moot point. So I left it alone, but every once in a while, that beat pops back up in my head a lá DJay in Hustle & Flow.

Why “Players”?  Aside from the obvious, I remember my first visualization of the beat: dudes in suits slow walking in a hotel near the beach, like Mike Lowry arriving in the purple suit in Bad Boys 2.  Yes, I realize that the lyrics completely differ from that image. Yes, I noticed that men have dominated said image.  That’s because I’m discussing the beat and my interpretation.

I always re-imagined it without the “Players” vocals, and just going straight through, with a completely different bassline (yes, I thought this through).  Maybe add a change-up at the fourth or eighth bar to switch things up, and a synth during the chorus.

I picture a Drake or a J. Cole rocking over it, fawning over the perfect lady as she walks past.  Maybe the woman in question being Tiara Harris.  Am I getting too visual?  Sorry, I tend to do that a lot.  On the bright side, at least there’s a female to balance the previous paragraph.

Hopefully, this idea doesn’t become something that sounded great on paper.  Now that I have the right tools (which can actually save projects), I may be able to fully grasp the concept I have in mind. At least I have Slum Village’s “Players” to keep me company. Now I just gotta find the right sample…

One Comment
  1. I think it’s a dope idea. And trust me, I won’t let you forget.

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