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My 1st Blog Post

February 16, 2012

I know I’m late with this.  So sue me. I’ve been busy.  Making beats.  Dope beats.  Here’s the January Sampler.  People have asked, and now they have received.  Which is how I made my fist blog.

It’s always an honor to be recognized by one of your peers.  I first heard of Kil through the channels of the Internet, via Kevin Nottingham, when duke was telling anyone and everyone about a beat he had made where he hadn’t received credit.  As an aspiring beatmaker, I listened with the intent to learn about the shadiness of the record industry that Q-Tip had rapped about.

A few years later, dude dropped Through the Wire, an instrumental piece inspired by The Wire.  I was floored; it had some dope beats, and it even had that beat that he made.  We linked up on Twitter, and I told him how impressed I was with the album.  I questioned him on one of the samples, and I didn’t think he would get at me about it.  He gave me a direct message with the answer (unwritten sampler’s rule is to not let too many people know your samples), and I was floored with the answer.

After getting him to hear my January Sampler, he gave me another DM saying that he wanted to do a post about me in his blog.  A few days later, I made it.  My 1st blog post:

Hopefully, I’ll be featured in more and more posts, but it’s one more that I’ve had in the previous two years.


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  1. I remember someone telling you to share your talent with the world…forget who it was though. I’m proud of you as if I had something to do with it 😛

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