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This Is NOT a Biography

January 21, 2012

I hate making biographies.  Absolutely hate them, with a passion.  I’m sure that people would like to know a little more about me, but it never feels right.

For one thing, I always feel like I give out too much information, even when I reveal very little about myself.  Plus, I always feel like I’m lying whenever I tell people what it is that I do.

I’d love to tell people that I’m a beatmaker.  I’d love to talk about how I’ve been making beats since 2009, starting out on FL Studio after receiving my first laptop, before moving on to the MASCHINE in 2011.

Problem is, I haven’t released one beat.  Perhaps it’s the perfectionist in me that wants to make sure it’s the right person at the right time.  In all likelihood, it’s probably fear of some rapper stealing my shit and not giving me any credit after all the time and work I put into making that beat.

I would tell you I’m a writer, but that’s bullshit.  This will be my first post after a hell of a hiatus.  Add in the works that I start and never get around to finishing, you have one hell of an inconsistent motherfucker.

At this point, I’m just a young man trying to find his place in life.  I also happen to be black, which makes the journey a lot more difficult than it should be.  Add in the stress that the previous generations seem to piling on top of this generation, and I wonder if the journey is nothing more than a mirage planted by corporations wanting to make money.

Meanwhile, the only way for me to avoid the stress is to live inside my head: in there, I am a cold-hearted assassin who chooses the thankless job of looking out for the people, rarely speaking with the exception of a few well-placed one-liners.

Back in the real world, I am a smart-ass who does his job, but I stays in my own little corner, with the comfort of the music and the people I follow on Twitter.  I was born Human, therefore, I am a Human Being.  Which means I will make mistakes, simply because I am only Human.

I’m still not sure if that tells you everything about me.  I just hope that someone out there can relate.

One Comment
  1. As a girl who, in her head is a loving mother and home-maker, but in life is a smart-assy call care representative, I can relate.

    You are a writer because you write and a beat maker because…you make beats. Whether or not anyone reads a word or hears a note that is who you are. Be proud. Be brave. Share!

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