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No More Blogs, Please? Thank You…

December 9, 2011

The Wonderful World of The Human Spider, Issue No. 2: The City of Blogs

By the time you finish reading this post, 50 blogs will have mysteriously popped up out of nowhere.  You will have missed 1,000 Tweets (with probably 500 attempts at humor, while only 50 will actually be humorous) regarding the latest sports news or gossip.  You still haven’t written anything for your blog, nor have you been able to catch up with the latest posts from all of your favorite blogs.  There are just not enough hours in the day to get through all of the blogs.  Meanwhile, your little blog is getting lost in the crossfire.  This story sounds vaguely familiar…

He’ll get back to you once he finishes proofreading my post.

As I look at my measly 400 hits (hopefully improved by the time you read this), I’ve realized that I may have made this blog too soon or too late, but I’m not exactly sure which one it is just yet.  All I know is that I’m facing a serious uphill battle, and I haven’t even gotten to the point where I want to post some of my beats…

Yet, on December 9, 2011, it all came to a crossfire when fellow blogger, Twitter acquaintance and fan of the worst team in the NFC East Eagles fan, Miss Keisha Brown, decided to post about whether or not blogs are ruining her life.  Then the comments came, and by the time I got on, it was a little late for me.

However, I started to think back to something Culture VI said on his website: WE DON’T NEED ANY MORE BLOGS!

A little harsh, but true: we don’t need blogs that are going to recycle the same $#!t that the other blogs do.  I get that every blog is going to sound similar, just because of the influences from other bloggers.  The ones that have influenced me are on the right side of this site (that’s this direction: ->) listed under “The Affiliates”, but a lot of them are listed in my Google Reader.  I mean that as no offense to some of the other blogs that I read and visit.

Yet if your blog looks eerily similar to another blog/website that I just got done visiting, we got some problems, my friend.  It happens all the time: Google the name of a model and watch millions upon millions of images show up, thousands upon thousands being the same image(s).  There’s no switch-ups, there are barely any exclusives, just the same old song and dance being fed to you.  Sound familiar?

Hip-Hop and blogs are synonymous in the aspect that originality is the objective, and if you even look or sound similar, you get clowned on.  There is also a distinct divide going on in the realm: some enter the field looking for money and various deals across the border (and who doesn’t?), others do it for the love, and there are a few people who manage to be able to do both without too much compromise.

I will admit, I would love to get thousands and thousands of clicks, because I’d like to know that I’m not doing this for my health.  I’d like to have AdSense and various sponsors for speaking my mind and my love for music.  If anything, you may see that on my boy Slimmy T’s new website, coming soon…

Back to the topic, though.  I definitely want to do that without holding my tongue, simply because I am an opinionated @$$#0le, that just wants to see the world move in full circle without killing each other.  I would like to think I have an amazing, razor-sharp wit (which reminds me, I’m washing clothes and I just noticed that I forgot to put the bleach in my whites…), and I’d like to put my brand of off-beat humor into your lives.  I would like to do that on Slimmy T’s new website as well.

My point being that a blogger should have the mindset of a rapper: how do I stand out in a circle of millions?  One way is to find a niche, and stick with it.  Big Ghostfase of the Big Ghost Chronicles types about Hip-Hop in the form of Ghostface Killah (so we’re clear, Big Ghostfase is NOT Ghostface Killah); K-Nott’s eponymous website is the place to get the best underground info; The Smoking Section talks Hip-Hop, kicks and shares their point of view in a humorous way.  Even in the sports websites I visit: Football Outsiders brings you a different form of statistics and off-kilter humor, and Basketbawful points out the worst players in basketball games.

If you want to bring a blog into this world, here are a few things you need to know.  Watch it with the shock titles.  Too much of them can turn a reader off, and make you look like the boy who cried “WOLF!”.  You never want that.

It’s always a good idea to have an opinion.  When this opinion is formed, make sure you have facts based around this opinion.  Don’t always masquerade your opinions as facts, and get offended when someone goes against the grain.  It’s always good to have a healthy debate, so always have your facts ready.  By which I mean, a good conversation, not something where someone is calling someone names.  If your debates must go there, pull out before you wind up doing something you regret.

That last sentence applies to other…aspects…of life as well.

Just know that this blogging thing is never easy.  As previously noted, I’ve only had 400 hits.  Total.  With 2 comments.  Total.  The marketing for this thing is very difficult, and you must have a dedicated team of some type to help you with this stuff.  All I have is a laptop, a cell phone, and whatever ideas seems to pop into my head.

So, I would like to keep going, to know that I’m not talking to myself here.  All comments are appreciated, whether they be on here or on my Twitter.  So stay a while and pass this on to other bloggers, and aspiring bloggers, so that we may live in harmony.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I must now point out why Nas’s Illmatic being the greatest album in Hip-Hop is actually a fact and not an opinion…

Pictured: The Greatest Hip-Hop Album of All Time…

*Black Power Fist*

Keep the blog alive.

The Human Spider, Hip-Hop Head Since 1988
  1. first of all: ihatechu for the eagles jab. but.. i'll let it slide for now. 2nd – that spidey pic? LOLLLL3rd – thanks for the blog shoutout homeskillet!!!i think most people who blog (different from bloggers) start out with the best of intentions. i have a unique voice and opinion and will share it with the world! it will be magnificent! and then a whole bunch of stuff happens (and you bring up a good point of being influenced by others.) and some people lose sight of why they started writing in the first place. i have a slight problem (that i'm going to have to get over once my business is fully launched) with self promotion. i like the auto twitter/fb link. i post the link in my bbm and gchat status.. and that's about it. i'm happy when i get comments, happier when i get read at all. as i mentioned in my intro post.. i am already on my career path and writing isnt it. just for fun suggestion is to move to wordpress. i never really liked blogspot as a commenter, so knew i probably wouldn't like it as a writer. and because it allows for following people and such, it always acts as a promo tool for your own blog. ps: there is never a late time to comment on my blog. i aint a heavyweight with a giant community. i was surprised at the number of comments on that particular post past 5pm. and with wordpress for bb, i can always reply to the comments from anywhere. good luck homie!!

    • “first of all: ihatechu for the eagles jab. but.. i’ll let it slide for now.”

      I have absolutely no clue of what you’re referring to… 0:D

      But back on the topic, I feel the same way. I’m not the hugest fan of self-promotion, but I’ve always felt that it’s better to balance self-promotion with talking like a human being instead of a self-promoting robot (which is why I scroll through timelines before making the big decisions). I do the writing thing as an outlet myself, when I’m suffering through the writer’s block of beatmaking (yes, there is such a thing), but I agree with you on the fact that I’m just glad to get my stuff read. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t typing to…hear?…feel?…myself type.

      Yeah, I figured to go back to WordPress (thankfully, I still had the account) once you gave me the suggestion. Thankfully, they had the most wondrous of import devices…

      And thank you.

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